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Use of the resuscitation room for trauma.
  1. G A O'Byrne,
  2. G G Bodiwala


    This study was designed to assess the use of the resuscitation room for trauma cases, the information being used to identify particular problem areas and put forward possible solutions. One hundred and fifty consecutive resuscitation room trauma patients were studied prospectively, with details being obtained both at the time of admission and 48 h later. The results have highlighted the importance of all patients with major trauma being assessed and treated by senior medical staff. In addition, the presence of more than one doctor when managing any resuscitation room trauma patient was shown to be beneficial. Many cases were seen by SHO only, and there is a need for more senior medical staff to be informed of every trauma patient entering the resuscitation room. Recording of vital signs was found to be less than satisfactory and there is a necessity for a departmental policy on this.

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