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2331 A novel approach to research delivery in the emergency department
  1. Shrouk Messahel
  1. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Aims and Objectives Research in the Emergency Department needs to be delivered in real time, within a specific clinical time-frame, and on a wide variety of conditions and states of emergency, on participants presenting in an unscheduled manner at any time.

The research capacity, infrastructure, and culture at the ED in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital faced challenges in the immediate period after the Pandemic. There was an opportunity for challenging the previous research model, and embedding a robust research culture. We sought to find research interested staff among the ED clinical staff and develop a hybrid model of working.

Method and Design Aims:

  • embedding research within the permanent staff of the ED

  • research active staff being immediately available for recruitment of a participant in the ED


  1. Increase the number of patients screened or recruited in the ED

  2. Increase the number of permanent ED staff who are research engaged

Results and Conclusion A three month pilot from January 2022-March 2022. One research naive ED Health Care Assistant was appointed to the role of ED Research Practitioner. Training was performed by the ED Consultant Lead for Research, which included gaining GCP certification, NIHR consent modules, and a two week period of shadowing and sign off prior to working independently. Weekly meetings were held to trouble shoot.

Over a period of 5 weeks at average 37.5hrs a week of independent practice, the ED Research Practitioner screened and recruited a total of 180 patients into 5 ED studies. None of the studies were using Investigative Medicinal Products or novel devices.

The pilot was successful in increasing the number of participants in research within the ED, and in establishing a hybrid role among staff not traditionally research active.

The department now has three ED Research Practitioners and Band 6 Research Nurse and has increased the research portfolio of the ED significantly.

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