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2064 Going green and on screen: digitalising patient information resources in a paediatric emergency department
  1. Sally Gibbs1,
  2. Lisa Sabir2
  1. 1Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  2. 2EM ST5, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Aims and Objectives Safety net advice and provision of written resources are core to delivering safe care in paediatric emergency medicine.

In 2020 a new QI project commenced at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (65,000 PEM attendances/year) aiming to digitalise all paper information leaflets into an electronic format.


  • Enhanced access to reliable information

  • Paper saving

  • Ease of updating information

Method and Design

  • Review of all paper leaflets

  • Upload of new digital resources into an electronic library

  • Creation of shareable eye–catching boards in common areas

  • Change of departmental processes to remove paper leaflets as the first offer to families

Method and DesignReview of resources offered staff opportunities for involvement in QI and learning how to write optimal patient information. Peer review was undertaken by the 2 authors.

The project formed part of a cross-Trust project.

Communications colleagues were a key resource, supporting overall branding, IT support and project management.

Results and Conclusion

  • Since go–live (August 2022) electronic resources have become the standard first offer for families

  • 44 core electronic ED resources cover safety net advice for common conditions, health promotion and signposting links to support health inequalities

  • Sharing options: scanned via QR code (see figure 1), sent via text/SMS or printed to avoid impacts related to digital poverty

  • All resources can be translated via a Google translate function (132 languages)

  • The entire trust library of 1358 resources are accessible to any clinician and any patient user

Results and ConclusionOn average, ED resources are accessed 4675 times/month.

Top 5 being:

  • Head injury

  • Family support/wellbeing

  • Fever

  • Bronchiolitis

  • Cast care


  • Improved, wide–ranging, standardised and translatable accessible information

  • Enthusiastically supported by ED colleagues

  • Inbuilt 2–way feedback facility between families and team, generating overwhelmingly positive qualitative feedback

  • Financial and ecological savings related to reduced printing and paper

  • An auditable tool to support clinical guidelines and governance which can be regularly and easily reviewed and updated

Abstract 2064 Figure 1

Patient information board

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