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2161 What happened to my patient? A novel automated patient follow up system for emergency medicine clinician’s reflections
  1. Susan Croft,
  2. Joseph Harding,
  3. Rebecca Hartshorn,
  4. Thomas Bircher,
  5. Peter Singleton
  1. Northern General Hospal, Sheffield


Aims and Objectives Reflection is fundamental to the development of clinicians. It can be challenging and time consuming to access the information required to reflect upon their clinical practice by reviewing the outcomes of their individual patients, referred to as patient follow-up. Patient outcomes are commonly documented in electronic health records (EHR).

The purpose of this study was to create and assess a novel automated system that provides Emergency Medicine (EM) clinicians working at the Northern General Hospital (NGH), Sheffield with patient follow-up information.

Method and Design An automated system was designed, collecting information from two EHRs in use: “Lorenzo” and “ICE” to generate a list of patients reviewed by each clinician and information about each patient.

This was sent by weekly email to clinicians. Detailed patient information was presented in separate tables (“Admissions”, “Re-attendances”, “Deaths”, “Handovers” and “Senior Reviews”) each presenting different clinical outcomes. It was implemented in December 2020.

Clinicians experience and opinions on this system were collected 2 years post-implementation (February 2023). Surveys were opt-in, anonymous, carried out online using Google Forms, available for a two-week period, and distributed by email. The surveys contained single-answer, multiple-choice, and open free text questions.

Results and Conclusion 48 EM clinicians (59%) of all grades responded. Most read these emails (93.8%) and 27.1% read every email in detail. 91.7% agreed with the statement ‘I have found the automated follow-up emails useful’ (61.1% strongly agreed).

Clinicians used the information for workplace-based assessments, supervisor meetings, discussion with peers and to facilitate collection of patient feedback. The qualitative feedback was also positive ‘It’s brilliant, informative and helpful for me as an established consultant to reflect on the cases I see and advise on.’

This novel system provides EM clinicians with regular, engaging and useful automated feedback. There is scope for further development and implementation of automated systems that facilitate patient follow-up and reflection.

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