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Non-traumatic chest pain in young adults: a medical audit.
  1. L C Luke,
  2. S Cusack,
  3. H Smith,
  4. C E Robertson,
  5. K Little
  1. Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine and Surgery, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, U.K.


    Four hundred consecutive young patients who attended an accident and emergency department with non-traumatic chest pain as their primary complaint were reviewed. They represented 0.7% of total new attendances. Most were self-referrals, but ambulance transport was requested for over 25%. The majority of investigations (mainly chest radiography and electrocardiography) performed in this group of patients were normal; however, almost one in six investigations was judged to be abnormal. Although this group of patients is at low risk for serious cardiorespiratory disease, a small but significant number of underlying (mainly non-cardiac) disorders was found and 22.5% (90) required in-patient admission. In contrast, almost one-fifth of patients received no specific diagnosis, while almost 40% were deemed to require no follow-up.

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