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Case report. Bee sting brachial block.
  1. S M Hay,
  2. F A Hay,
  3. D H Austwick
  1. Department of Orthopaedics, King Edward VII Hospital, Sheffield.


    A case of brachial plexus block is presented, following a bee sting in the posterior triangle of the neck. The onset of neurological symptoms was rapid as was their subsequent resolution. Delayed peripheral neurological symptoms believed to have an immunological basis have been reported in response to stings from bees and other Hymenoptera both in the central and peripheral nervous systems (Goldstein et al., 1960; Means et al., 1973; Bachman et al., 1982; Weatherall et al., 1987; Van Antwerpen et al., 1988), but to the authors' knowledge no similar case of immediate peripheral block has been reported.

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