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Finger injury
  1. Saleen Manternach,
  2. Patil Armenian
  1. Department of Emergency Medicine, UCSF-Fresno, Fresno, California, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Saleen Manternach, Department of Emergency Medicine, UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, 155 N. Fresno Street, Suite 206, Fresno, CA 93701, USA; saleenmdm{at}

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A male in his 20s put on his work gloves and felt something inside the right fourth digit, without any pain or discernible ‘bite.’ He shook the gloves out and squashed the offending agent (figure 1). He continued to work and upon removing his gloves 2 h later, noticed discolouration on the right fourth digit. He then presented to the emergency department for evaluation. On exam, …

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