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Painful shoulder post fall


Clinical introduction A 32-year-old man presented to the ED after a heavy fall on his left shoulder. He presented the following day with pain and gross limitation of movement in the left shoulder. There was no history of previous injury to the left shoulder. This was his non-dominant limb and he worked in a manual occupation. He was neurovascularly intact. His initial radiographs are shown in figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1

Anteroposterior radiograph (AP) radiograph of left shoulder.

Figure 2

Lateral radiograph of left shoulder. 

Question Management options:

  1. Anterior shoulder dislocation closed reduction

  2. Anterior shoulder dislocationCT scan

  3. Posterior shoulder dislocationclosed reduction

  4. Posterior shoulder dislocationCT scan


  • trauma
  • extremity

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