First aid - not just a practical skill

Chris Jefferies, Medical student,
September 30, 2013

Dear authors,

Thank you for conducting this interesting study.

I have been teaching first aid to the public for the last six years. My personal experience is that many members of the public are worried about becoming involved in emergency situations due to fears around litigation and "doing things wrong".

Almost every first aid course I teach I answer questions regarding the legal situation around first aid and the risk of being sued or investigated. I personally feel our blame culture and the rise of 'no win, no fee' claim services is the cause of this.

I strongly believe first aid is much more than just rehearsing practical skills. A first aider is required to step up in an emergency situation, to get involved and make potentially life saving decisions. First aid syllabuses need to recognise this rather than focusing on mundane practical skills such as the 101 uses of a triangular bandage.

I hope this pilot study sparks interest and leads to further research into the content and delivery of first aid courses.

Yours sincerely, Chris Jefferies

Conflict of Interest:

I am a first aid trainer for the British Red Cross

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