Kendrick Extracation Device in pulmonary compromise

Daniel J Dodd, Student Paramedic,
July 13, 2011

Although the gold standard of immobilisation is in a prone position, with a C collar and a vaccum matress the use of a device such as the kendrick extraction device (KED) is one to be considered in patients such as this. It provides almoast complete immobilisation from the neck to the torso. (1) This allows the patient to be sat up at a 30-40 degree angle to allow for best ventilation.(2) This same method can be used with patients with facial injuries with risk of airway compromise due to heamorhage.

1. Castellano, J. (2007). Prehospital management of spinal cord injuries. Emergencies. 19 (1), 25-31.

2. Blair . (1955). The effect of change in body position on lung volume and intrapulmonary gas mixing in normal subjects. Journal Clinical investigation.

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