Management article

Geoff Hughes, Doctor,
May 01, 2001

Some responses to the in tray problems at St Judes

(1) Dear Chief Executive,

Thank you for welcoming me to the trust. I look forward to working with you in solving the many problems challenging the Emergency Dept (a term I refer to as Casualty). I'd be grateful if your PA can arrange our meeting urgently. I'd like to know from you where the ED and its service fit in with the strategic direction of the Trust and what resources you will be providing me with.

These matters were only discussed loosely at my interview.

Best wishes

(2) Dear Mrs Penny,

I will look into this sad and tragic event as soon as possible. As you may know I am newly appointed and am just finding my feet. In the meantime I will write to the family and apologise for the events surrounding the death. In due course I will be happy to meet them.

Best wishes

(3) Dear Personnel,

Before I complete this job description can you please forward me a copy of the St Judes template for such posts. It is wise to have a consistent approach to such things.

Best wishes

(4) Xray requests I would ask to see the notes of some of the cases - the 1st to 8th, and 9th cases. I would add to my action list to review the xray report system - not a priority.

(5) The SpR letter.

I would file for now and wait for the outcome of my meeting with the CEO and further chats with regional colleagues - middle priority.

(6) The computer - I would ask my business manager to sort it out as a top priority.

I hope these are interesting,

Best wishes

Geoff Hughes

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