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  • On the philosophy of diagnosis: Authors' response
    Richard Body
    Dear Editor,

    We welcome the thoughtful responses of Dr. Challen and Dr. Cattermole to our paper entitled: On the philosophy of diagnosis: is doing more good than harm better than primum non nocere? Dr. Challen makes two principle criticisms of our review to which we would like to respond.

    1. The existence of reality

    Dr. Challen correctly states that outside the medico-scientific realm, th...
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  • When the Good of the One outweighs the Good of the Many
    Jean Marc Benoit

    I would like to thank Body and Foex for their thought-provoking article, and also Cattermole and Challen for their replies. Too often in the culture of emergency medicine, the philosophical underpinnings of thought and action are neglected. When is there time to reflect?

    One highlight of their discussion of utilitarianism is the inclusion of emotional factors into the weighing of what actions can be counted as...

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  • Don't we have a service concept?
    suzanne mason

    The article by Higginson made me think about our specialty and whether we have got a missing link. However, it reminded me to look at the Way Ahead document produce by the UK College of Emergency Medicine in 2008. Surely this provides an excellent service concept for our specialty? The document provides clear guidance as to what our core and extended services should be and how we should consider delivering them. I wonder...

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