Table 2

Descriptive studies of cohorts of chest pain observation unit patients

First authorNo% Discharged from CPOUType of follow upTiming of follow up% Followed upAdverse events detected
*Hospital information system: records if patient is alive or dead.
†BVS is the Bureau of Vital Statistics: records if patient is alive or dead. CABG = coronary artery bypass graft; CCF = congestive cardiac failure; MI = myocardial infarction; PTCA = percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty.
Farkouh1721246Outpatient review72 hour99In hospital: 5 MI, 1 CCF, 1 death
30 day30 day: 1 death
6 month6 month: 2 MI, 3 CCF, 1 death
Roberts188255Inpatient, telephone, clinic, or HIS*24 hour100No deaths
8 weeks856.1% rehospitalised
Gomez195082Telephone, mail or clinic30 day98No death, MI, or coronary artery disease
6% represented
Gaspoz2059284Telephone, record review, or BVS†72 hour985 MI within 72 hours of discharge
6 month100†10 MI and 13 deaths (10 cardiac related) within 6 months
Kerns2132100Telephone questionnaire3 monthNot reportedNo death, MI, or coronary artery disease
6 month
Gibler23101082Telephone, mail, clinic, or death records30 dayNot reported1 return with MI at 3 days
5 deaths (1 admitted with MI, 1 unknown cause, and 3 non- cardiac causes)
Kirk2421287Telephone, mail, hospital, or death records30 day94No morbidity or mortality
Graff25600576Evidence of reattendance72 hourNo formal follow up3 returns with MI within 72 hours
Mikhail2650286Telephone questionnaire3 or14 day942 deaths at 2 weeks and 2 months
150 day1 MI
Stomel2847396Telephone or record review12 month937 unstable angina on medical treatment, 3 CABG, 1 PTCA
De Leon2749566Telephone or mailNot stated69No morbidity or mortality detected in discharged patients