Table 1

Patient characteristics

FactorNumber of patients with factor% Of total patientsNumber with factor who vomited% With factor who vomitedNumber with factor who did not vomit% With factor who did not vomitSignificance of factor in relation to vomiting
Family history
maternal migraine97211919.67880.4NS
paternal migraine204.32101890NS
Personal history
male sex280673913.924186.1NS
recurrent headaches255.46241976NS
recurrent vomiting173.77411059p=0.0035
recurrent abdominal pain306.5516.72583.3NS
motion sickness601315254575p=0.036
sleep disturbance10522.721208480NS
Injury mechanism
road traffic accident5411.612224278NS
hit by object5612355395NS
Skull radiography done 15734382411976NS
skull fracture3<1003100NS
brain injury316.7825.82374.2NS