Table 1

Advantages and disadvantages of removal techniques

*FB = foreign body.
IrrigationEarEase of useContraindicated in tympanic perforation and for vegetable matter
Positive pressureNoseNon-traumaticRisk of barotrauma
Negative pressureBothEase of useNeed solid seal
Anterior FBsPosterior FBs difficult
Good for small, round FBsMay frighten children
GlueBothEase of useFB must be visualised
Non-traumaticAdhesion of glue to patient
Catheter techniquesNose/ bothGood for awkward and posteriorly placed FBsCost and availability of catheter
Possible trauma
Needs good anaesthesia
Impression materialsEarEase of useCost and availability
Contraindicated in perforation
Surgical instrumentsBothAvailabilityTrauma with metal objects
Posterior displacement of FBs
Manufactured instrumentsBothInstrument can be designed to fit the shape of the FBTrauma
Posterior displacement of FBs