Table 2
Author, date and countryPatient groupStudy levelOutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
Hull RD, et al, 1992, USA1432 patients with proximal DVTMulti-centre randomised double blind clinical trialRecurrence of VTE6/213 v 15/219 (p=0.07; 95% CI for the difference, 0.02% to 8.1%).
UH (219) v LMWH (213) Major bleeding1/213 patients (0.5%) v 11/219 (5%), reduction in risk of 91% (p=0.006).
Death10/213 (4.7%) v 21/219 (9.6%) a risk reduction of 51% (p=0.049).
Koopman MM, et al, 1996, Multi national2400 patients with symptomatic proximal deep vein thrombosisPRCTRecurrent VTE (within 6 months)17/198(8.6%) v 14/202 (6.9%).Unblinded
UH in hospital (198)Major bleeding (within 3 months)4/198 v 1/202.
LMWH at home (202)Quality of life (at 1, 12 and 24 weeks)Physical activity and social functioning better in LMWH group.
Average length of stayIn the LMWH group was 2.7 days v 8.1 in the UH group.
Levine M, et al, 1996, Canada3500 patients with acute proximal deep vein thrombosisPRCTRecurrent VTE17/253 (6.7%) v 13/247 (5.3%).Two thirds of potential patients excluded
UH in hospital (253) v LMWH primarily at home (247)Major bleeding3/253 (2%) v 5/247 (2%).
Costs6.5 days in hospital v 1.1 days. 120 (49%) patients in LWMH were not admitted at all.
Belcaro G, et al, 1999, Italy4294/589 patients with acute proximal UH in hospital (98) v treatment with LMWH primarily at home or in the hospital (97) v treatment with SCHep given directly at home (99)PRCTRecurrence/extension of DVT6.2% v 6.1% v 7.1%.264 (44%) of potential patients excluded
BleedingBleeds were all minor and mostly during hospital stay
Length of stay5.4 ± 1.2 v 1.2 ± 1.4 days (there was no hospital stay in the SCHep group)
Treatment costsAverage treatment costs in 3 months in the UH group were considered to be 100%. In comparison costs in the LMWH group was 28% of the UH and 8% in the SCHep group