Table 1

Telephone survey: questions and responses (n=61)

*This child was agitated and vomited during recovery, which caused distress to the mother.
1 Did your child have any of the following during the 24 hours after discharge?:
(a) Vomiting12 (19.6%)
(b) Loss of coordination15 (24.5%)
(c) Nightmares2 (3%)
(d) Drowsiness7 (11%)
(e) Unusual behaviour4 (6%)
2 Would you be willing for your child to have ketamine again if necessary?
Yes60 (98.4%)
No*1 (1.6%)
3 Overall, how satisfied were you with this method of sedation?
Very satisfied52 (85%)
Satisfied9 (14%)
Dissatisfied*1 (1%)