Table 1

Positive yield of investigations in 65 infants

InvestigationPercentage abnormalDefinition of abnormal
Radio-isotope milk scan89Reflux through gastro-oesophageal sphincter seen on single phase scan
Chest radiograph55As reported by paediatric radiologist
Lactate (blood)54>2 mmol/l
15>3 mmol/l
White cell count (blood)33>12 cells/mm3
Bicarbonate (blood)20<20 mmol/l
Urine culture13White cells >50 × 105 per high powered field + pure growth of bacteria
Haemoglobin13<2 standard deviations for age adjusted range
Post-nasal swab7Culture for pertussis
Ammonia (blood)4>100 mmol/l
Metabolic screen: amino acids (blood)4
        organic acids (urine)2
Toxicology screen (urine)3
Na, K, urea, creatinine and glucose (blood)0