Table 11

Incidental findings missed on radiograph

SiteAbnormality missedNotes
Radiographs taken for trauma
ShoulderSoft tissue calcification
Pleural effusion (seen on shoulder radiograph)
ElbowOld # upper ulna (child, suspicion of NAI)
Loose bodies
WristNon-union # scaphoid
Kienbocks disease of lunate
HipPerthes disease
KneeLoose bodies × 3
Osteochondritis dissicans × 4
Pellegrini Steida disease
AnkleHypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy
SpineSpondylolisthesis × 4
Congenital hemivertebra and scoliosis
Scheuermans disease
ChestConsolidation right middle lobe
SkullIntracranial calcification
Glass foreign body in scalp
Radiographs taken for non-trauma
FootStress fracture 5th metatarsal(Taken to exclude osteomyelitis)