Table 12

Missed non-traumatic problems

SiteMissed diagnosisDiagnosed asNotes
Missed on radiograph
ShoulderNon-union # clavicle and calcific tendinitisFrozen shoulder
ElbowOA and effusionStrain triceps
HandSeptic arthritis DIP jointSoft tissue infection
HipMultiple metastases pelvis (Ca breast)Bruise hip
KneeLoose bodies × 3OA kneeOne subtle but shown better later on intercondylar view
Pain ?strain
Monoarthritis knee
Chondrocalcinosis (in pseudogout)Effusion ?cause
FootStress # 2nd metatarsalSwelling ?cause
Stress # 3rd metatarsalPain foot ?cause
NeckPrevertebral surgical emphysemaNeck strain
SpineSpondylolysisBack pain
ChestConsolidation/infection × 6Faint
Chest wall pain
Viral pleuritis
Pleuritic pain ?cause
Other shadowing ?Ca × 2Collapse ?cause
Mechanical back pain
Pneumothorax × 2Chest infection
Epigastic pain ?gastritis
HeadSubarachnoid haemorrhage (missed on computed tomography)Migraine
Not missed on radiograph
ArmSmall cell sarcomaHaematoma
HandTrigger thumb × 2Soft tissue injury
ChestMyocardial infarction × 2Both diagnosed as oesophageal pain
PneumothoraxChest pain ?cause (failure to radiograph)
Pulmonary embolusAsthma
PneumoniaFebrile convulsion (failure to radiograph)
SpineSpasmodic torticollisNeck sprain
OverdoseOverdose valproateHysterical and social problems
Overdose carbamezepineHead injury
SkinSquamous cell carcinoma scalpSeborrhoeic wart
Myasis (tumbu fly)Cellulitis