Table 3

Comparison of clinical studies of salbutamol

RouteReferenceSample sizeDoseMean initial K (mmol/l)Peak reduction in K (mmol/l)Time of maximal action (min)Duration of effect (min)
*Excluded non-responders from analysis, †2.5 mg if <25 kg; 5 mg if >25 kg. IV = intravenous, Neb = nebulised.
IV4134 μg/kg6.71.4840>120
IV5240.5 mg7.01.430>360
IV6150.5 mg5.530.92*30>180
IV8174 μg/kg7.021.3240>120
IV9170.5 mg5.70.95*30>180
IV11240.5 mg7.01.430>360
IV14155 μg/kg6.61.69120>180
IV15114 μg/kg5.60.8730120
Neb21010 mg5.930.6290>120
Neb21020 mg5.810.9890>120
Neb61510 mg5.660.85*90>180
Neb7510 mg4.290.5360>60
Neb91710 mg5.80.88*90>180
Neb101220 mg5.560.6660>60
Neb131015 mg6.50.930>360
Neb15112.5/5 mg†5.90.6130>300
Neb16915 mg5.990.5760>60