Table 1

Comparison of the results of the independent assessment of A&E attendance notes before and after the intervention. All figures quoted are percentages

Parameter assessedGroup one (before intervention) (%)Group two (after intervention) (%)Percentage change (95% confidence intervals)
Label included in notesNot applicable60Not applicable
CPR status recorded5 (all negative)4 (all negative)−1 (−6.7 to +4.7)
Time of injury recorded3066+36 (+23.1 to +48.9)
Consistency of history659+53 (+42.2 to +63.8)
Compatibility of injury156+55 (+45.0 to +65.0)
NAI apparently considered665+59 (+48.6 to +69.4)
General state recorded4568+23 (+9.7 to +36.3)
Other injuries recorded1464+50 (+38.4 to +61.6)
Tetanus status recorded7466−8 (−20.7 to +4.7)
Senior opinion for ?NAI03+3 (−0.3 to +6.3)