Table 1


Survey of triage nurse requested x rays
1. Does your department have triage nurses requesting x rays?
2. If not, have you considered having triage nurse requested x rays? Why did you decide not to have a nurse requested x ray system.
3. If your department does have triage nurse requested x rays:
(a) When did you start?
(b) Which nurses were eligible to order x rays? (for example, seniority, experience, etc)
(c) Do nurses requesting x rays receive any training? If so what?
(d) Which age groups of patients are nurses allowed to x ray?
(e) What conditions are nurses allowed to x ray? Is this regulated by protocols?
(f) Have you audited the nurse requested x ray system? If so with what result?
(g) How well do you feel having nurse requested x rays is received by patients? and staff?
Thank you for your help