Table 1

A&E doctor's psychosocial assessment of DSH: a comparison of information recorded in case notes for 1994/95 and 1997/98

94/95 (n=930)97/98 (n=1353)
Information recordedNumber%Number% p Value (Pearson χ2)
Conscious level4554995471<0.001
Psychiatric history62167130697<0.001
Medical history46950132498<0.001
Mental state examination47251701520.64
Recent stresses51555102075<0.001
Previous DSH4424798273<0.001
Employment status901063247<0.001
Living conditions4054479058<0.001
Threats of DSH2192377858<0.001
Alcohol dependence1001165648<0.001
Illicit drug use63758143<0.001
Suicide intent64970104077<0.001
Risk of further DSH4324697672<0.001