Table 2
Author, date, and countryPatient groupStudy type (level of evidence)OutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
PRCT = prospective randomised controlled trial.
Duncan and Thurston, 1985, UK1108 patients with a diagnosis of clinical fracture of the scaphoidRetrospective surveyProportion of patients found to have a fracture0 of 108 (0%)
DaCruz et al, 1988, UK2150 wrists immobilised on plaster with suspected scaphoid fractureRetrospective surveyFracture rate8 of 150 (5.33%)
Sjolin and Andersen, 1988, Denmark3108 clinically suspected scaphoid fracturesPRCTFracture rate7 of 108Only 2 weeks follow up
Plaster cast v supportive bandageSick leave for manual workers14 v 4 days
Jacobsen et al, 1995, Denmark4231 clinically suspected scaphoid fracturesRetrospective surveyProportion of patients found to have a fracture3 of 231 (1.3%)