Table 1

Proportion of patients receiving pre-hospital aspirin

Proportion administered aspirin
Ambulance serviceAudit dateNumber of patients% given by ambulance staff% given by other health professional% self administered by patientTotal % given aspirin (95% CI)% in which aspirin was contra-indicated% patients on maintenance aspirin
* GP or self.
1Not stated8942%6%19%66% (55.5% to 76.0%)6%Not stated
2Not stated34274.3%Not statedNot stated74.3% (69.3% to 78.8%)26%Not stated
301/09/97 to 30/11/97111737.6%*10.8%48.4% (45.5% to 51.4%)5.1%Not stated
4Not stated72144.1%Not statedNot stated44.1% (40.4% to 47.8%)20%Not stated
504/98 to 12/98929Not statedNot statedNot stated40.2% (367.0% to 43.4%)Not statedNot stated
610/99Not statedNot statedNot statedNot stated34%Not statedNot stated
710/9925011%3%5%19% (14.5% to 24.6%)4%Not stated
824/01/00 to 20/02/0011062.8%21.5%1.7%78.2% (69.3% to 85.5%)21.8%41% Yes 57% No 2% Unsure
9Summer 200061864.8%0%0%64.8% (60.8% to 68.5%)35.2%Included in total given aspirin
1001/01/00 to 31/08/0011 90524.6%Not statedNot stated24.6% (23.8% to 25.4%)Not statedNot stated