Table 8
Author, date, and countryPatient groupStudy type (level of evidence)OutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
Johnson DR et al, 1993, USAHuman adult cadavers.Controlled trialInsertion success:86% v 73% (p=0.186)The use of pig skin instead of human skin.
SA v PD.Insertion times:55+/−35 sec v 148+/−96 sec (p<0.01)Some of the procedures performed on violated cricothyroid membranes because of lack of cadavers
Ease of method (0 to 10 scale)3.0+/−1.5 v 5.1+/−3.3 (p<0.01)
Eisenburger P et al, 2000, Austria40 consecutive unembalmed adult human cadavers, who had died 4–24 hours previouslyControlled trialInsertion success:70% v 60%Limited size of the trial
Insertion times:102+/−42 v 100+/−46
SA v Seldinger cricothyroidotomiesEase of method (1 to 5 scale)2.2 v 2.4