Table 2

PSQ1—satisfaction with process of care items

Description of eventNumber (total )Valid %
Access to care
    Felt waiting time was OK or good223 (264)84.5
Explanation of clinical care
    Explained clearly why tests were needed249 (266)93.6
    Explained clearly what tests would be taken239 (264)90.5
    Test results explained clearly125 (147)85
Discussion between staff and patient
    Always given opportunity to ask questions139 (194)71.6
    Doctor seemed very interested to listen232 (242)95.9
    Doctor spent about the right length of time with me232 (246)94.3
    Time with doctor was always private170 (246)69.1
Pain management
    Experienced pain in the emergency department142 (254)55.9
    Staff aware of the pain141 (153)92.2
    Treated for the pain120 (148)81.1
    Very satisfied or satisfied with treatment123 (135)91.1
    Received all information required206 (236)87.3
    Received no conflicting information214 (239)89.5
Personal needs
    Discussion of personal needs covered everything or most things172 (218)78.9
    Strongly agree or agree that made to feel as comfortable as possible225 (234)96.2
    Strongly agree or agree that was reassured enough by staff210 (217)96.7
    Strongly agree or agree that was given all privacy needed205 (221)92.7
Family needs
    Strongly agree or agree that able to find patient without any problems161 (178)90.5
    Strongly agree or agree that able to visit patient without any problems157 (167)94
    Strongly agree or agree that given enough information152 (170)89.4
    Strongly agree or agree that able to find food and drink facilities126 (166)75.9
Discharge preparation
    Someone checked well enough to leave111 (120)92.5
    Given plenty of information or advice on how to improve health52 (111)46.8
    Happy with decision to be discharged at this stage110 (117)94