Table 1

Frequency of journal review

JournalReviews per year
Academic Emergency Medicine4
Annals of Emergency Medicine4
British Medical Journal4
Medical journals (Archives of Internal Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Chest, Cardiology, Circulation, etc)4
New England Journal of Medicine4
Paediatric Journals (Archives of Disease in Childhood, Pediatric Emergency Care, etc)4
American Journal of Emergency Medicine3
Emergency Medicine Journal3
Intensive care journals (Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Critical Care Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, etc)2
Journal of Trauma2
Anaesthetic journals (Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, British Journal of Anaesthesia, etc)1
European Journal of Emergency Medicine1
Injury Prevention1
Nursing journals (Accident and Emergency Nursing, Emergency Nurse, Journal of Emergency Nursing, etc)1
Sports jurnals (American Journal of Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, etc)1