Table 2

Injury location and diagnosis in 17 kicked patients

PatientAgeSexInjury locationInjury
120malehanddorsal swelling, superficial soft tissue wound MCP joint finger IV + V
245maleupper limbsoft tissue wound
324malekneesoft tissue laceration
433femalelower limbcontusion
531femaleupper limbcontusion
644femalebackundisplaced fractures of processus spinosus L2 + L3
874maleupper limbcontusion
931femalefacesoft tissue wound frontal, right eyelid
cervical spinedistorsion
1016femalefaceperforating wound 4 cm of the upper lip, local laceration of gingival tissue
1137femalefaceamputation of the right earlobe, soft tissue wound
1220malefaceluxation of teeth 11, 12 and 21, alveolar fracture
1345malefacefracture of zygomatic arch, orbita floor, soft tissue wound
1433femalefacefracture of nasale bone, soft tissue wound
1543femalefacefracture of orbita basis, soft tissue wound
1758femalefaceupper lip, soft tissue wound