Table 3

Multivariate logistic regression analysis. Risk of BAC positivity in subjects involved in a crash, in relation to human variables, crash time, and vehicle type

Odds ratio*95% confidence intervalsp Value
*Odds ratio was calculated considering night time, sex, and weekend night by dichotomous variables, age by decades.
All cases
    Night time3.482.46 to 4.91<0.001
    Male gender3.082.36 to 4.01<0.001
    Weekend night1.211.05 to 1.410.009
    Age0.920.86 to 0.990.034
    Night time3.412.31 to 5.04<0.001
    Weekend night3.081.08 to 1.510.004
    Night time4.452.78 to 7.14<0.001
    Age0.800.68 to 0.950.008