Table 2

Details of patients who could potentially be discharged from triage

Hospital AHospital BHospital CHospital D* (12 month equivalent)Combined of three hospitals 
 (of all attendees)
NR, not recorded. *Data received from hospital D were over three months and extrapolated to annual figure for comparison. Percentages shown in parentheses.
Ambulance calls2709 (15.3)3346 (18.0)NR3224 (13.5)9279 (15.4)
GP referrals425 (2.42)558 (3.0)NR1276 (5.32)3066 (3.5)
Under age of 52036 (11.5)93 (0.5)NR2548 (10.6)4587 (7.6)