Table 4

GHQ-12 and SCL-D scores: comparison by respondent group

*Based on those consultants who stated that they did other sessions other than `on-call'.
Gender (SCL-D) 66040.009
Gender (GHQ-12) 81810.902
Partner a doctor (SCL-D)10417.50.433
Partner a doctor (GHQ-12)10305.50.292
Full/part-time (SCL-D) 46560.630
Full/part-time (GQH-12) 4393.50.351
Hospital type (GHQ-12)11710.50.309
Hospital type (SCL-D)116190.221
Do other sessions* (GHQ-12) 62560.148
Do other sessions* (SCL-D) 61220.089
Clinical director v consultants (GHQ-12)11766.50.756
Clinical director v consultants (SCL-D)121660.913
Responsibility for beds (GHQ-12)123930.213
Responsibility for beds (SCL-D)133070.796
Changed from another specialty (GHQ-12)10777.50.775
Changed from another specialty (SCL-D)10466.50.465