Table 5

Occupational stressors ranked by mean frequency

StressorFrequency ratingSD
Lack of beds within the main hospital1.810.43
Being overstretched at times1.670.48
Conflicts between clinical work and admin duties1.600.55
Keeping up to date with knowledge1.590.54
Dealing with management in general1.570.56
Effect of hours of work on personal/family life1.550.55
Making the right decision alone1.490.62
Dealing with individual managers1.470.62
Making the right decision as a team1.460.67
Making time for teaching1.410.63
Compromising standards when resources are short1.400.61
Dealing with death1.370.63
Talking to distressed relatives1.280.71
Effect of stress on personal/family life1.280.65
Fear of making mistakes1.160.53
Having to do menial of repetitive tasks1.140.64
Lack of recognition of own contribution by others1.140.69
Low prestige of specialty1.140.70
Pressure of charter standards1.090.72
Difficult relations with senior colleagues1.020.50
Lack of protocols for patient management0.990.58
Sleep deprivation0.940.61
Making time for research0.920.71
Managing A&E budgets0.880.77
Too much responsibility0.830.71
Difficult relations with junior doctors0.820.48
Threat of violence0.790.52
Treatment withdrawal0.770.58
Over-zealous/inappropriate treatment0.750.53
Difficult relations with nursing staff0.730.53
Feeling underutilised0.540.67
Commitments to private practice0.500.63
Sexual harassment0.060.23