Table 5

Costs of extra referrals for 17909 A&E patients with minor injuries and 11889 MIU patients

Mean cost/ptA&E referrals (n)Total cost
 A&EMIU referrals (n)Total cost MIU
*See reference 23.
†These patients were referred directly from MIU to A&E for treatment.
‡Based on consultant/nurse staffing of clinic and average number of patients.
§A&E return costs are included in revenue costing for the A&E unit, as the return costs for MIU are included in revenue costing for MIU.
General practice£18*656£118081197£21546
NGH A&E direct†£2000441£8820
NGH A&E returns£15‡0369£5535
Fracture clinic£552518£1384901731£95205
Eye clinic£46176£8096144£6624
Other clinic£50294£14700140£7000