Table 1

Trauma team activation criteria

Patient assessment on admission to ED
    1 Physiological
        (a) Pulse <60 or >100 per minute
        (b) Respiratory rate <10 or >29 per minute
        (c) Systolic blood pressure <90 mm Hg
        (d) Glasgow Coma Score <14
    2 Anatomical
        (a) Penetrating injury to head, neck, torso, or extremities proximal to elbow or knee
        (b) Flail chest
        (c) Two or more proximal bone fractures
        (d) Pelvic fractures
        (e) Extremity amputation
    3 Mechanism of injury
        1 Ejection from automobile
        2 Death of victim in the same passenger compartment
        3 Fall >20 feet
        4 High speed vehicle crash
        5 Auto versus pedestrian >5 miles per hour
        6 Motorcycle crash >20 miles per hour or separation of rider from bike