Table 2
Author, date and countryPatient groupStudy typeOutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
Adams RA, et al, 1980, UK392 patients with paracetamol overdose of whom 120 took paracetamol aloneObservationalVomiting11.7% vomited before the onset of antidote therapyDoes not report the incidence of vomiting in the paracetamol alone group
Cannot exclude the confounding influence of co-ingestants (eg dextropropoxyphene in 112 patients)
Scharman EJ, 1998, USA1009 adult patients with a paracetamol ovedose, who were reported to a poisons centre.ObservationalVomiting12.5% vomited (61% were in the toxic range and 41% had taken co-ingestants)No attempt to assess the proportion of patients in the non-vomiting group who had taken co-ingestants or who were in the toxic range
Antiemetic used and its effectiveness33% failed first line antiemetic therapy and were given ondansetron: of these 16% failed (ie 4% required IV antidote)