Table 2

Patient’s complaints subdivided according to the chapters of the International Classification of Primary Practice (ICPC). These data concerns only consultations at the cooperative and home visits

GP cooperative HeerlenGP cooperative Maastricht
CodeICPC chapter*N%N%χ2 Valuep Value
*The overall Pearson χ2 test showed a significantly distribution of complaints between both cooperatives (χ2(16df), p<0.001). †One of the cells has an expected count less than 5, and therefore no χ2 test is performed.
AGeneral and unspecified769.510810.00.124 (1df)0.725
BBlood, blood forming organs†50.640.4
DDigestive10813.611710.93.141 (1df)0.076
FEye354.4423.90.283 (1df)0.595
HEar324.0403.70.113 (1df)0.736
KCirculatory698.7555.19.358 (1df)0.002
LMusculoskeletal10212.821219.715.552 (1df)<0.001
NNeurological313.9434.00.012 (1df)0.911
PPsychological253.1191.83.768 (1df)0.052
RRespiratory10012.612311.40.558 (1df)0.455
SSkin13316.721620.13.417 (1df)0.065
TEndocrine, metabolic and nutritional†70.940.4
UUrology445.5656.00.220 (1df)0.639
WPregnancy, childbirth, family planning121.570.73.345 (1df)0.067
XFemale genital system and breast111.460.63.455 (1df)0.063
YMale genital system40.580.70.417 (1df)0.518
ZSocial problems †20.310.1