Table 6

Published reports of the probability of bacterial meningitis in children with fever and a seizure

DateAuthorNumber in studyNumber with lumbar punctureNumber with bacterial meningitisNumber with viral meningitis
*Policy to lumbar puncture all cases, number of unsuccessful lumbar punctures not stated.
1980Lorber26452304 (67%)14 (3.1%)1
1981Jaffe25562All*6 (1%)17 (3%)
1983Joffe18254241 (95%)13 (5.1%) (In 2 CSF was sterile)?2
1990McIntyre27307154 (50%)2 (0.6%) (1 diagnosed later on repeat lumbar puncture)3
1992Offringa19309171 (55%)21 (6.7%) (In 5 cases the CSF was sterile)2