Table 7

Identified or attributed causes of fever in children presenting with a febrile seizure (%)

Rutter (n=328)Green/MacFaul (n=199)Smith (n=116)Lorber (n=452)
NR, not recorded; NA, not applicable. *These cases are reported as they were detected at a later stage, after the initial diagnosis of febrile seizure without CNS infection had been made.
Viral infection (URTI and other)45.76432.757.9
Otitis media8.518.528.49.5
Urinary tract infection1.242.5NR
Chest infection3.950.8?3
Tonsillitis12(included in URTI)10.3NR
Other (chicken pox, mumps, exanthema, post-triple immunisation)2.742.52.4