Table 4

Patient management and health events within14 days of randomisation

Figures are for both treatment groups combined and are based on the data provided on 991 completed early outcome forms. For patients still in hospital 14 days after randomisation all management and health events recorded within 14 days are included. For patients discharged from hospital within 14 days, management and health events were recorded only for the period in hospital.
Admitted to ICU424(43)
    1–3 days183(19)
    4 days or more241(24)
Haematemesis or melaena4(0.4)
Wound infection31(3)
Pneumonia treated with antibiotics90(9)
Other treatment with antibiotics286(29)
Neurosurgical operation195(20)
Major extracranial injury179(18)
Head CT scan performed:754(76)
Head CT scan results (n=754)
    Normal scan204(27)
    One or more petechial haemorrhages249(33)
    Obliteration of the third ventricle or basal  cisterns76(10)
    Subarachnoid bleed163(22)
    Midline shift over 5mm96(13)
    Intracranial haematoma—non-evacuated199(26)
    Intracranial haematoma—evacuated81(11)