Table 2

Non-cocaine TAC derivatives

Schaffer et al272 ml TAC v 2 ml TA (No cocaine). Applied for 10 minutesChildren 10 years and younger. Wound above the neck. 56 TAC 51 TAPhysician effectiveness.More in the TA group required extra infiltration 27.5% TA v 8.9% of TAC (p=0.01). 82% TAC had completely effective anesthesia, 65% TA (p=0.13)
White et al285 ml 0.5% tetracaine v 5 ml TAC Applied for up to 10 minutes.Over 18 years Wound <5 cm 36 TAC 32 TetracaineVAS of procedure. Not scored if infiltration used.36% TAC required extra infiltration, 59% tetracaine. TAC group had less pain, Mean VAS TAC 1, tetracaine 3.7, (p<0.05).