Table 3

Demographic and diagnostic features of the studies comparing atypical antipsychotics with classic antipsychotics and/or benzodiazepines and/or placebo in the treatment of acute agitation

Mean baseline agitation score SDSample size male/femaleAge meana–medianb SDc/ranged
Source/yearAtyp ApsCl ApsPlaceboBenzAssessment scaleAtyp ApsCl ApsPlaceboBenzAtyp ApsCl ApsPlaceboBenzFinal diagnostic impression (in the order of frequency)
*Same study reported in different ways. †The study was conducted at the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Acute Psychiatry Service; and the article is in press. Atyp Aps, atypical antipsychotic PANSS‡, positive and negative syndrome scale (five directly observable items: excitement, hostility, hallucinatory behaviour, uncooperativeness, and poor impulse control); PANSS§: positive and negative syndrome scale (excited component: tension, uncooperativeness, hostility, poor impulse control, and excitement); schizophrenif, schizophreniform; dis, disorder. Other abbreviations as in table 1.
Currier/ 200126.728.5PANSS‡23/716/1437.6a37.3aPsychosis NOS, mania, schizophrenia
5.25.7(5 observable item)11.3c10.7c
 200045.947.5BPRS83/740/234.5a32.8aSchizophrenia, schizoaffective dis, brief psychotic dis, schizophrenif dis, bipolar dis, delusional dis, psychosis NOS
10.59.3(total score)20–66d19–53d
Jones/ 2001*10.7Not statedNot statedBPRS205/10638.2aSchizophrenia, schizophrenif dis, schizoaffective dis
3.8(positive subscale)(stated for the entire sample)11.6c
(stated for the entire sample)
Wright/ 2001*18.418.218.4PANSS§Not statedNot statedNot stated38.2aSchizophrenia, schizophrenif dis, schizoaffective dis component)11.6c
(stated for the entire sample)
Meehan/ 200113.012.712.4PANSS§57/4229/2221/3040.2a40.5a39.0aBipolar-manic component)12.4c10.5c9.7c
Yildiz/ 2003†69.7563.60BPRS1/78/239.3a30.6aBipolar-manic, depression, psychosis NOS, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder