Table 2

Characteristics possibly affecting destination (A&E or MIU)

CharacteristicTest* χ2dfp ValueTest† G2dfp Value
*Pearson χ2 test or binary logistic regression for association between characteristic and destination; binary logistic regression adjusting for distance to actual destination.
In or out of hours7.3410.015.2510.02
Day of week9.1760.177.8560.25
Age of patient0.6110.442.010.16
Sex of patient2.3910.124.4610.04
Service (LAS/SAS)0.0410.8421.410.00
Place of incident (home v other)0.4110.521.0910.30
Head injury7.4710.015.4110.02
Distance to actual destination135.610.00
Distance to nearest opposite type of facility13.310.0038.010.00
Relative distance (actual-opposite)88.010.0038.010.00
Randomisation group0.5610.460.2410.62