Table 2

 Summary of the key factors of the intervention content of included studies

Reference, countryImportance of quick/immediate actionEmphasis of signs and symptoms of AMIImportance of calling emergency servicesEmphasis of treatment such as lysisUse of a specific slogan
The before and after study of Maeso-Madronero et al, 2000,11 Germany, did not provide any details on intervention content. Y, yes; N, no. *Signs and symptoms of an AMI was not a key factor, but intervention content did emphasise chest pain.
Meischke et al, 1997,16 USAYYYYY
Luepker et al, 2000,17 USAYYYYN
Controlled trial
Rowley et al, 1982,15 England*YNYNY
Before and after studies
Mitic and Perkins, 1984,12 CanadaYYYNN
Ho et al, 1989,10 USAYYYNY
Moses et al, 1991,13 USAYYNNN
Rustige et al, 1992,14 GermanyYYNNN
Bett et al, 1993,7 AustraliaYNNYY
Blohm et al, 1994,8 SwedenYNYNY
Gaspoz et al, 1996,9 SwitzerlandYNYYY