Table 1

Results of the study

OutcomeNumber (%, 95% CI)
09B01 cases within study period141
Complete patient datasets retrieved59 (42)
Patients diagnosed as dead beyond resuscitation by ambulance crews54 (91.5, 79.5 to 96.2)
Patients receiving resuscitation attempts by ambulance crews:3 (5.1, 1.1 to 14.2)
    Two were subsequently pronounced dead at the scene
    One was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital
Patients not requiring resuscitation:2 (3.4, 0.4 to 11.7)
    One assault victim who had transiently lost consciousness
    One road accident victim with a hand injury
    Patients transported to hospital for treatment other than confirmation of death (included above)3 (5.1, 1.1 to 14.2)