Table 2

 Methodology of factor and global satisfaction assessment studies

Author and dateSurvey formatDeliveryTimingRespondentSurvey populationSampleResponse rate (%)
Bjorvel and Steig15 1991QuestionnaireSelf completedOn arrival and before dischargeAdult patientsNot admitted, classed by selected problems187 patients. Convenience77
Booth et al31 1992QuestionnaireSelf completedDuring ED visitNot knownNot admitted. Non-ambulance patients342 patients. Consecutive45 (some incomplete)
Hansagi et al6 1992QuestionnairePostalFew days after dischargeNot knownNot admitted, or discharged within four weeks567 patients75
Lewis et al8 1992Two part questionnaireSelf completedDuring ED visitNot knownAll patients152 patients. Systematic sampleUnknown
Maitra et al16 1992QuestionnaireSelf completedIn ED after treatmentPatient or accompanying personAll ED patients433 patients. Systematic sample51
Bursch et al13 1993QuestionnaireTelephoneWithin one week of discharge from ward or EDPatient or parent/guardianAll patients258 patients. Census59
Britten et al14 1994Semi-structured interviewTrained interviewerOne or two days after admissionAdult patientsAdult patients, admitted via the ED83 patients. Selected ward inpatientsUnknown
Thompson et al17 1995QuestionnaireTelephoneTwo to four weeks after ED visitAdult patient or parent/guardianAll non-admitted patients1574 patients. Random sample43
Thompson et al18 1996QuestionnaireTelephoneTwo to four weeks after ED visitAdult patient or parent/guardian.All non-admitted patients with recorded waiting times1631 patients. Random sample45
Hall et al7 1996QuestionnairePostalThree to four days after ED visitNot specifiedNon-admitted patients from 187 emergency departments9106 patients. Consecutive sample25
Rhee et al19 1996QuestionnaireTelephoneWithin 60 days of ED visitPatients, parents/guardians or accompanying personAll patients618 patients. Random sample46
Yarnold et al11 1998 (1)QuestionnairePostalOne week after ED visitAdult patient or parent/guardianNon-admitted patients from an academic hospital2277 patients. Consecutive sample17
Yarnold et al11 1998 (2)QuestionnaireTelephoneTwo to four weeks after visitAdult patient or parent/guardianAll non-admitted patients from a community hospital1,287 patients. Random sample53
Boudreaux et al12 2000QuestionnaireTelephone10 days after ED visitNot knownNot known437 patients39
Morgan et al10 2000Focus group and questionnairePostalNot related to ED visitsAdult Sheffield residents10800 adult responders to a previous study271 respondents. Random sample65
Sun et al5 2000Medical notes reviewSelf completed questionnaire.In ED 10 days after ED visitAdult patientsAdult patients with selected, high prevalence problems from five urban EDs.2333 patients. Mixed convenience and consecutive samples.67
QuestionnairesTelephone interview