Table 1

 Timings of illness duration and IMPACT triage process

ParameterNumber of complete records availableRangeMedianMean95% CI of mean
Time from registration to IMPACT triage beginning (min)
Overall3550–2131318.416.3 to 20.6
by diagnostic group
    Injury2060–2131318.115.3 to 21.0
    Illness1321–1701318.915.4 to 22.5
    Not coded175–411818.013.0 to 23.0
Time from IMPACT triage beginning to IMPACT triage completed (min)
Overall2900–8857.86.7 to 9.0
By diagnostic group
    injury1660–8859.017.3 to 10.7
    illness1140–3055.785.0 to 6.5
    not coded101–65512.30 to 26.2
By radiological review at triage
    no2680–6556.25.5 to 6.8
    yes225–882728.519.3 to 37.7
Duration of illness/injury (n = 368)
In days (if⩾1 day)2431–750330.216.5 to 43.9
In hours (if<1 day)1250–1723.092.5 to 3.6