Table 2

 Interventions and outcome during IMPACT triage

InterventionNumber (total n = 378)Proportion (%)95% CI
ED, emergency department; POM, prescription only medication; OTC, over the counter. * BM Stix, PEFR, urine analysis, etc.
Vital signs measured
None recorded24364.358.4 to 69.7
Yes13535.630.1 to 41.3
Simple investigation*
None recorded34290.586.4 to 93.5
Yes369.56.4 to 13.4
Radiograph request
None recorded30781.275.8 to 85.7
Extremity5915.611.3 to 20.5
Non-extremity123.21.3 to 6.0
Procedures performed
None recorded32586.081.4 to 89.7
Yes531410.2 to 18.4
Drugs given at triage
None recorded34290.585.7 to 93.8
Simple analgesia92.40.8 to 5.1
POM analgesia215.62.9 to 9.2
Other POM51.30.2 to 3.6
>1of above10.30.0 to 1.8
Prescriptions written
None recorded30781.475.8 to 86.1
POM349.05.6 to 13.2
Advise purchase of OTC359.35.8 to 13.5
POM and OTC10.30.0 to 1.8
Disposition 377
ED10026.520.9 to 32.4
Home18548.942.3 to 55.4
Primary care or other clinic266.93.9 to 10.7
Unknown6717.713.0 to 23.0