Table 3

 Details of patients with PSI < 91 who died within 30 days of ED discharge

Visit dateAgePSIClinical details
*In view of the history of congestive heart failure his PSI should have been calculated at 91. He was included in this category because of the ad hoc decision to use the PSI calculated in the ED.
19/6/00628262 year old man with a history of COPD and NIDDM. Discharged with a diagnosis of “possible lingular pneumonia”, Admitted three days later in cardiogenic shock. Developed sepsis and DIC after angioplasty.
8/4/00214121 year old female nursing home resident with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, morbid obesity, decubitus ulcers, an ileal conduit and asthma. Radiograph “sub-optimal due to body habitus, but ? atelectasis vs consolidation” Discharged on doxycycline. Readmitted two days later in “respiratory failure and hypercapnoeic narcosis secondary to restrictive lung disease”. ICU course complicated by renal failure and the inability to obtain vascular access for dialysis. Died 12 days after admission after a decision to withdraw active support.
23/1/00577756 year old man with a history of CVA at age 46 and trigeminal neuralgia. Presented with “persistent pneumonia” after 10 days of treatment with cefuroxime. Discharged on erythromycin. Collapsed suddenly at home 29 days later. Death certified as “sudden cardiac death”
17/11/99787878 year old woman with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis, discharged as “? early pneumonia’. Discharged on azithromycin. Collapsed suddenly 23 days later while riding in a taxi. Death certified as “Sudden cardiac death”
26/12/998181*81 year old male nursing home resident with a prior history of pneumonia and Congestive heart failure, diagnosed as “? RML pneumonia” Discharged on azithromycin. Admitted the following day with hemiplegia. Admitted to the stroke unit, died three days after admission. Death certified as “cerebro-vascular accident”
Average59.871.8None of the above patients underwent necropsy.